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Roblox Piggy is a horror game in which you have to escape from a crazy maniac pig armed with an axe who is chasing you down around the house. The house will be locked and you’ll need to find a set of keys to get out. All this time, you need to be very careful and watch out for Piggy who will be lurking around, looking for the right moment to strike! Shall we get started?

Who is Piggy?

We are used to think of pigs as harmless and sometimes even cute animals who aren’t interested in anything else than food and comfort. However, in Roblox all animals have anthropomorphic features, and it can be hard to predict how they will play themselves out in every particular character. In case of Piggy, we are dealing with a highly aggressive sociopath who has an inclination to murder. A lot of Roblox dwellers have come into her house and didn’t walk out. There are rumors running around that Piggy is actually a maniac killing people. Are they true and should you believe them? You decided to find that out and came over to have some tea and a friendly talk. But you didn’t expect what came next!

Piggy locked you inside, and immediately after that you saw an axe in her hand. It’s strange to imagine a sweet-looking pink creature in a charming dress holding such a formidable and dangerous weapon. But as you now understand, sometimes appearance can be deceitful. And now you have to run for your life! However, you can’t run away forever. Piggy will eventually chase you down because she knows this house much better than you. So you also need to keep your eyes peeled for any clues that you may see along the way. They will hint you on where to find the keys that will unlock the front door!

Be careful or die!

As you move around Piggy’s mansion, caution is of the essence. It’s a vital condition of surviving in this horrible situation, so you should stay focused every minute of the gameplay. If you walk out in the open, make too much noise and generally behave in a careless way, the maniac will hear you and you’re as good as dead. So if you sense the danger is near, it’s better to hide and sit out until Piggy walks by and you will be safe to get out of your hiding to continue the search.

The keys are all hidden in different places. To discover them all, you’ll have to basically turn the house upside down. But remember that you must do it quietly! Otherwise Piggy will come to the noise and try to finish you off. Enjoy playing Roblox Piggy online and try to outmaneuver the evil maniac!

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