Roblox Piggy

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There is a real commotion in the world of Roblox. New characters are regularly appearing here, and everyone seems to find common language somehow. But it seems to be impossible with the new inhabitant of the pixel land. It’s an aggressive pig, who doesn’t want to find a compromise in everyday matters. But that’s not his main bad side. Piggy has a really short temper and doesn’t mind spilling his anger out on innocent people. And you will see that with your own eyes – and feel that on your own skin – playing Roblox Piggy!

You antagonist has settled in a huge mansion, and everyone who comes over for a visit becomes a hostage of the situation. Yes, the dwellers of the Roblox world are still so naive that they think it’s possible to reason even with an evil being like Piggy. So once in a while he lets his dark nature out and anyone who stands in his way turns up dead – unless they find a way out of this mess. Will you be able to do that? Hopefully! Because otherwise your cold body will remain lying forever in the basement of Piggy…

The game is basically an escape room quest, but with an element of imminent danger. Immediately after you enter the house, the entrance doors close, and you simply cannot leave the building. Therefore, you need to be patient and examine all the rooms, there is no other option. But, at the same time, you need to take into account the factor that the evil Piggy will constantly monitor your actions. And at the most unexpected moment he may appear in front of you.

If Piggy spots you, he will keep running after you until you shake him off your tail. That won’t be so easy because he knows the house well – after all, he lives here – and you see it for the first time. So you’ll have to make decisions and take actions on the go. Or, to be more precise, on the run. You can’t afford to linger for a moment here or there, to stop this crazy race or even to slow down. Remember that Piggy has a heavy axe in his had and he won’t hesitate to use it!

To get out of this grim mansion, you have to find all the keys from all the doors the lead to freedom. They are scattered in different areas of the building, so it’s going to take a while until you even figure out where to look. By trial and error, you will eventually get an idea of how to act around Piggy to avoid him chasing you or to fool him into leaving you alone – he won’t do it voluntarily. Enjoy this thrilling horror game and see if you can survive!

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