Roblox Piggy 2

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Over time, absolutely nothing has changed in the behavior of the angry Piggy from Roblox. She is still in the same unbalanced state. But if you have already come to visit her, then let’s try to get out of this situation with the least loss! The new horror adventures in the house of this dangerous character are waiting for you in Roblox Piggy 2. Just like before, you have to make your way out of this terrible place and save your life constantly staying on your guard.

To escape, you have to find the keys that are lying somewhere in the house. So far, you don’t know where they are, so the only way to do it is to start looking. That means you’ll have to walk around the entire house checking every room, digging through all the drawers and cabinets and maybe even searching for secret passages that may lead you in premises you had no idea are here. All this is very exciting on its own, but don’t forget that there is a huge danger that will be hanging over you all this time – Piggy is in the building and she won’t let you go that easily!

In order to stay out of sight of the crazy hostess for as long as possible, try to move around the rooms as quietly as you can. Don’t make a lot of noise when you can avoid it. Stamping your feet too loud, dropping things and slamming doors will inevitably attract her attention. And don’t even doubt, she’ll start chasing you the very moment she catches a glimpse of your silhouette. But if you’re careful enough, this horrible minute may be postponed. It may happen that you see the pig passing through the house with a club in her hands. In this case, hide, hoping to remain unnoticed. And only after she is out of sight, continue your way.

Signature cubic graphics, dynamic gameplay and plenty of suspense surely make this game a great choice for everyone who loves horror. Of course, it’s not so scary as modern-day 3D horrors where you can’t get rid of the feeling that it’s all happening for real. But the amount of adrenaline is sufficient for you to have a fascinating time in the murky house of Piggy with all of its secrets and dangers! Find out more about the new twists of this horror story waiting for you in Roblox Piggy 2 and see if you can run away from the mad swine this time!

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