Pig Pig Waddles Bounce

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  • Description
  • How to play?

Chubby is no ordinary pig. He enjoys adventures that are way beyond the range of what anyone can imagine. For instance, he likes playing the kind of pinball. Where he is instead of the ball! You need to demonstrate dexterity moving the pads in such a way that will allow Chubby to collect the most bonuses before ending the session too soon.

When you start playing, pull the plunger back to launch Chubby at the call of the game, where he will collect food and bonuses by bouncing off objects. When Chubby reaches the bottom, he will fall into one of six spaces with game point multipliers that range from 1x to 3x. If the space glows yellow and is written: “1UP” – then the player earns additional Lumps to play on this level. 1UP is only displayed at level 2 or higher, that is, level 1 has no yellow space.

To the left of the screen is a scale indicating how much food the Chubby must eat to complete the game. Each food eaten during normal play is worth 400 game points. When the scale is full, the game switches to “Ultra-mode”, during which each food eaten gives double game points. You are going to get a better hang of it when you start playing and feel that all in your own experience. The interface is very intuitive, so you won’t have any troubles with the controls. Enjoy this unusual version of pinball, spend a great time together with Chubby and try to collect as many bonuses as you can during one gaming session!

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