FNF Vs Roblox Noob Remastered

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When we hear the word noob, we get relaxed. Can you really expect anything dangerous from a person who apparently isn’t very good at what you’re about to compete in? But don’t be fooled by the sound of his name – Roblox Noob is not an easy enemy to defeat! Especially in a rap battle. And he will prove it to you in this new amazing FNF mod!

This time Boyfriend and Girlfriend will make a trip to the pixel world. And thus everything that happens will be designed in familiar colorful cubes. However, that doesn’t mean that the gameplay will become even slightly simpler! On the contrary, the remastered version features some new, more challenging tunes that will make you sweat as you try to move your fingers over the keyboard in time with the rhythm.

Good reaction is a must to win in this game. But even more important is your sense of music. Once you catch the tempo of the song, you should be able to predict another beat which will give you an advantage over your rival. Then you will keep earning points and your health losses will be minimal. But you also need to keep an eye on the arrows that show up in front of you – they will hint you on which buttons to press exactly. In that case, the performance will be flawless and the audience will be excited to watch it. See if you can defeat Roblox Noob in this great FNF mod and enjoy the new tracks prepared by the developers for all fans of hip-hip and the adventures of our cartoon heroes!

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