FNF Vs Roblox Maintenance

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One of the things that makes the Friday Night Funkin series so great is that it’s constantly replenished by new mods. They take us to all kinds of places, including those from other games. Like the Roblox world. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are having another series of rap battles here and they count on your support! They haven’t had a chance to get famous in the pixel land so far, so the audience won’t probably be very supportive at first. On the other hand, they know and love their own heroes. You see, there is a tough mission lying ahead of you! Will you be able to cope with it?

In the Roblox world, you are going to encounter a whole slew of new opponents. They will all be designed in the cubic style, and Boyfriend and Girlfriend will switch to the pixel appearance as well so far as they are staying here. Otherwise, the gameplay hasn’t changed. Like before, there will be several songs each performance contains. You’ll have to last for three rounds, and in the end the points you and your opponent were able to earn will be summed up to determine the winner.

Winning in FNF vs Roblox Maintenance will require you to demonstrate your musical talent and keep up with the beat of the song from the first to the very last note. If you miss a beat or push the wrong button, you won’t get points and your health will decrease. When your health meter runs too low, you won’t be able to continue the competition anymore. But you will always have a chance to start over! Enjoy this new great Friday Night Funkin mod!

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