FNF Vs Roblox Guest

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend have been to so many unusual places during their rap voyage and have seen so many incredible characters that they have long lost track of it. So when they traveled to the Roblox world, they weren’t even that much surprised by the fact that everyone here has square heads and generally everything is made of cubes. After all, what’s the difference if your opponent has an ear for music and is willing to engage in another hip hop duel? That’s exactly what you’re about to do in this new Friday Night Funkin mod!

This time you have to defeat the Guest, a character in a black dress coat, and you will not sing, but play two pianos. Now you have not four buttons, but as many as six, and you have to play with two hands. But, just like before, you have to listen out to the rhythm very closely and follow every beat that sounds from your speakers. Sometimes it will change, so you also have to be quick to adapt to any tempo alternations. Hitting the right buttons is also a must. Otherwise you won’t be able to earn that many points. If you hit several notes correctly in a row, you’ll be able to shake your audience with a combo.

Then the enemy will get angry because of his defeats, take on a different look, and the good old rap battle will return again. Be careful of Roblox Guest, he’s not as simple as he may appear at first sight! This is a tricky opponent, and you have to keep track not only of the rhythm, but also of his actions. He may try to use some not so fair tricks to gain the upper hand. Don’t fall for them!

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