FNF Vs Roblox Goku

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Have you heard of such a character as Roblox Goku? It’s a mysterious guy with a tough fate. As you can guess, he was created in the pixel world of Roblox. However, he wasn’t content with living there. So he came up with a way to escape from the boundaries of the sandbox and even invented a method of teleporting to various medias. It was there that he met Son Goku, another famous hero that you can probably remember from Dragon Ball. And he liked him so much that he decided to copy everything from him, including his name.

That’s the background story of your new opponent in Friday Night Funkin. Remember that he is an egocentric narcissist that wants to be the best of the best and won’t rest until he proves it. All he craves is everyone’s love and admiration, that’s why he is challenging you to a rap duel. He thinks he can defeat such an experienced and talented hip-hopper as Boyfriend. And our main character is only too happy to show him that he’s wrong! But you must help him because fighting against Roblox Goku is going to be tough!

As usual, you’ll have to perform several songs with him. Or rather against him. Each of you will have a certain part in the track that you have to sing. Singing occurs when you press the right buttons in tact with the rhythm. But if you keep missing the beat, you won’t be able to earn as many points as you would like. Moreover, your health may start to drop, so focus and try to do your best! There are three rounds for you to win in. Hopefully, you will be able to do it!

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