FNF Vs Roblox Bear

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The world of Roblox doesn’t only consist of colorful pixels and friendly characters. While all of them look cartoonish and harmless because they are made of clumsy cubes, some can in fact be rather dangerous. One of such rookies in the square world is Roblox Bear. You might remember him from the survival game and then you know he’s not an easy enemy to fight against. And it doesn’t matter whether you face him in the woods where he attacks you from behind a tree with a deafening roar – or on stage where he is holding a microphone and looks like a hip-hop star!

Anyway, Boyfriend has a tough opponent to deal with. So you have to focus all your attention on the rhythm of the tune flowing from your speakers. The task is to catch as many beats as possible and synchronize your pressing of the buttons with the clues on the screen. The controls are performed with arrows and they should coincide with those floating over your character’s head. Doing everything right will bring you points while making mistakes will diminish your health.

Roblox Bear may also have a few dirty tricks up his sleeve (imagine that he has one) that can make your health bar even more scarce. Don’t give in to anxiety, keep your head cool and concentrate on the music. There are three rounds ahead, so even if you didn’t do that well in one of them, you will be able to make up for it in another! Enjoy the gameplay and groove to a couple of cool new tracks that are available in this mod!

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