Crazy Pig Simulator

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Imagine that you are an ordinary pig that lives on a farm, grazes on the lawn and does not think about anything else, does not see anything else in life. And all this until the moment when the farmer decides that she is fat enough to become a sausage. How’s the prospect? Agree, not very rosy. So the main character of this game does not want such a life anymore. Therefore, one fine day he simply decides to escape from his little pastoral world and find out what awaits him there, in the big outside world, spread out behind the village fence.

Since the pig does not know anything about how to behave in a decent society, and she is very happy with the newfound freedom, her actions are not entirely adequate. She runs headlong along the road, knocking over everything in her path – overturning garbage cans, breaking fences and even overturning cars. Yes, because her weight is rather big, and she runs at a decent speed. So dodging her is not easy! So it turns out that the pig is wreaking havoc in its path. And you have a chance to participate in this incredible fun!

Embark on an exciting and crazy journey through the countryside that will lead you to prim suburb where you can make trouble, and then to the big city. And there, the scope for action is simply amazing! You will be able to play pranks on the streets filled with vehicles, pedestrians and other objects and characters. Enjoy permissiveness, but make sure you don’t get trapped!

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